Education System

Education System in India

Education in India

Education in India is providing by private and public sectors as schooling, Graduation, Masters and Ph.D. as of now we have lot of Universities which provides education in lot of streams and with lots of choices to choose what to study by thinking of our future/career.

But whatever the stream we choose to study, by that can we survive or to fulfill our wishes to continue our successful career? Absolutely No. As the fundamental right of every citizen of India to be educated, what is the use with the current education system in India? same answer repeats… Absolutely No. Because the education system in India is not at all well established.

Comparing with the other countries, India is far behind in establishing the well stabilized and useful education for the citizens of India. Most of the talented people in this world are born in India.

Education System


Education is just not to teach or not to learn what was mentioned or published in the text books which were provided/approved by the Government of India. Education must and should be useful after completion of their course. Once the students are out from Graduation or Masters from the University or atleast they finished their schooling what knowledge and how much they gained from the Course curriculum. 


Government of India proudly announces that the illiterate percentage is gradually decreasing. But it doesn’t mean that everyone is educated in the proper manner.

Education system in India has to change alot in all the ways to be most helpful to show the right path for the students once they are out from the universities. After completion of education, everyone has to get the confidence that “Yes, I can survive”. But as per the reality everyone is in confusion as ” What Next?

Most of the course curriculum is not in exact way what we have to deal in real time. Few of the job oriented courses will be very useful with the real time projects. Government of India has to be take an initiative in producing the efficient, quality and effective education to the people to give a hope that they can survive anywhere with the education what they learnt with the course curriculum provided by Universities.

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